Assel features 2014

Balance Sheet
• Add the income statement
• Add the financial position
• The program has ability to make review on the transactions account
• Ability to calculate the deprecation on assets by decreasing deprecation .
The Accounts / Customer
• Add an options in the definitions accounts to define if account under the calculation of exchange different or not
• The program can put the discount in the account / customer for minimum begin it calculating the discount
• Add option (using the price sold by it before that
• The program have ability to identify if the salary include the income tax or no in (employee details )
• Added the budget (in accounts/ sections/financier default packing it automatically in the accounting / restrictions / bond restrictions billing service / customer declarations
Definitions of items
• Can identify the mount of a additional units in the main units rather than identify the main units in additional units
• The program have ability to identify the default unit used in entering the documents
• Add the type of second unit and third units and used it to make links
• Handling with different barcode or different unit of the type
The orders and offer prices
• Add afield to reserve quantity and add option to check out the booked items when you enter the movements
• Add fields a main cost center ,then moved it to invoice when converting the order
• Add a check box for address and other observations
• Add the seals person and the seller
Constants of group
• Add option to keep (supplier/ client / employee / account) from movement to another
• Check debtor customer
• Check debtor supplier
• Checking accounts that exceeded the estimated balance
• Don't show accounts / customer / items non- active
• Add names to the selling prices or purchase price instead of selling the first ,second
• Add option ( convert the keyboard language automatically between Arabic and English
• Store general constants when you moving a copy of system files
New Possibility
• The value of the goods window –you can search for product
• In the window of assets items in the stores – you can search for product
• You can changing the account number or product or client in review account movements window
• The possibility of choosing a group of account / items when you request a given report
• Add a new category to deal with customers
• The program have a ability to make invoice credit / debit of the staff
• Add field for the currency
• In the consignment add field for the currency and the price of currency
New report
• Clearing reports
• Checks incoming and outgoing to customer / suppliers / employee
• Bills of exchange receivable and accounts and invoices for customers and stuff , and add options for invoices or bounds that canceled in the report or Not
• Comparison chart of account assets from another group
• Credits section
• Assets of items monthly with chart
New permissions
• Entry movements without specifying the number stored
• Modify the discount in the documents
• Encroachment the natural of account
• Encroachment credit the report account
• Selling at different prices in card class
• Modify credit the first duration for accounts and members
• Modify credit duration for items
Multi options
• Add top paper for calculator operations
• Collection the amounts by category
Another option
• Show time and date in the main window
• Technical support directly through team viewer without need to download
• Ability to copy data automatically by a days or weeks